Sound Advice: Naan-Violence at the Lamplighter Lounge


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Since opening it's doors to live music four years ago, the Lamplighter Lounge has become a local go-to destination for under-the-radar, avant-garde, or just plain bizarre musical groups. That tradition lives on tomorrow night as local instrumental group Naan-Violence celebrates the release of their debut album at the bar.

Started last year by Sitar player Arjun Kulharya, Naan-Violence doesn't follow in the footsteps of sitar pioneers such as Ravi Shankhar or Alla Rakha, but instead uses tablas, analog synthesizers, flute arrangements, and (of course) sitar, to create a landscape of sound more fitting for a movie soundtrack than a smoke-filled bar.

"With this band, I wasn't interested in playing traditional music," Kulharya says. "I really dig Sun Ra and I think that probably has something to do with our sound."

Thursday's show also serves as a kick-off for the first Naan-Violence tour, a week's worth of shows that sees the band taking its experimental music all the way to Brooklyn. Naan Violence play the Lamplighter Lounge Thursday, August 15th. Doors are at 9 p.m. and admission is $3.00.



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