Worth Checking Out: Planet Kill Time by The Sidewayz




Boundary-breaking group The Sidewayz has released the latest installment of their monthly EP series. On Planet: Kill Time, the duo takes a different approach than their January EP, Life Or Death, requiring fans to explore an imaginary world where a lonely, romantically distraught vampire resides. The EP examines what happens when he travels to planet earth and comes into contact with a mortal woman named Chelsea. His objective is to influence her to embrace the supernatural lifestyle and become his new love.

"It's a bit more conceptual, grounded around the story of a vampire and his time with one girl," said Havi, one-half of The Sidewayz. "The EPs really allow us to get pretty vivid for a few songs without entirely adapting to one set style of music. It's pretty refreshing."

Stream and download Planet: Kill Time below. And check out an interview I did with The Sidewayz here.

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