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Moments of Reverie, Lauren Coulson's show on display now at the new Playhouse on the Square, captures an interesting conversation between paint and print, between consciousness and abstraction.

Lauren Coulson, Moments of Reverie
  • 38 x 58 in
  • Lauren Coulson, Moments of Reverie

"They're all photographic transfers and painting on canvas," says Coulson. "What I was really wanting to do is a multidisciplinary exploration — a relationship between perceived reality and abstraction. Like how you would paint it, or if you're maybe going to sleep. I'm really into consciousness, distorted ideas and thoughts, and the remnants of memories."

Lauren Coulson, Freeze
  • 11 x 27 in
  • Lauren Coulson, Freeze

There are 11 pieces in the show. Lauren transfers the photographs — "I love the fact that they're really crisp and in-focus," she says — and then paints around the edges. The effect is a combination of clean, figurative verisimilitude and a looser, interpretive style.
Lauren Coulson, Rebirth

Coulson graduated from the University of Memphis with a BFA in Photography, but has been interested in mixed media for years. "I love hand-drawn work. Painting and creating things with my hands instead of just pushing 'print'."

Moments of Reverie will be on display until November 8.

Playhouse on the Square, 51 S. Cooper, 726-4656


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