Bird is the Word: A loving yet highly accurate account of Johnny Cash's 1981 battle with an Ostrich



Stick THIS in the sand!
  • "Stick THIS in the sand!"
Hey, remember that time when Johnny Cash got into a fight with an ostrich? You don't? Then maybe you need to skip on over to the Dangerous Minds blog for a refresher course in Cashology.

An excerpt:

According to Cash, if it weren’t for the “good and strong” belt he was wearing, the ostrich would easily have killed him. The incident took place at the “House of Cash” in Hendersonville, Tennessee, which featured offices, a museum, a recording studio, a gift shop—and an enclosure for exotic animals, including ostriches. Cash’s return to heavy amphetamine use lasted until a 1983 incident in which Cash trashed a hotel room in Nottingham, U.K., landed him in the hospital.

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