Elvis is Alive: The Petition



Somebody (Elvis)  wants to star in the Lorne Greene biopic.
  • Somebody (Elvis) wants to star in the Lorne Greene biopic.

Elvis isn't dead. Again. Check this item from the FOTW mailroom:

Elvis Presley is still alive today, ... he is trying and wants to make his comeback!! Elvis needs our help now! Elvis needs help of all his fans! A few months ago I started a petition for Elvis Presley!! I promote my petition every day on Facebook and Twitter. I have more than 700 signers now! But I want 10.000 signers on my petition or more!

So I would like to have media attention! Can you please help me? And "my petition" "bringing" "in the news"? It would be nice for Elvis Presley when so many fans stand behind him!! This is absolutely no joke! I speak the truth! This is the truth! Please believe me and help Elvis Presley! And help me with my petition!!!

According to the petition, in order to re-emerge from the shadows of the afterlife, Elvis needs government protection.

animated elvis photo: wow animated elvis over water NNKiWBvumVaXcFb.gif

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