State Election Coordinator Goins Collects August 5th Evidence, as Does TBI

Posted by Jackson Baker on Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 7:22 PM

State Election Coordinator Mark Goins
  • State Election Coordinator Mark Goins
The dominoes are falling — so far, quietly — in the aftermath of an August 5th countywide election that is still being disputed. But the possibility of a dramatic crash of sorts still exists.

The Shelby County Election Commission has conducted its own investigation of a glitch that resulted in wrong early-voting data being fed into the Electronic Poll Book (EPB) for the election. That investigation, the results of which were announced Wednesday, pinned responsibility on "human error" on the part of the Commission’s IT director, Dennis Boyce, but concluded that none of the races on the ballot were miscalled because of it.

Then, on Thursday, the Commission, in a brief, uneventful meeting, formally certified the results of the election, which had resulted in a Republican sweep of contested countywide races.

On Friday, state Election Coordinator Mark Goins and an aide came to the Commission’s Operations Center to conducts yet another inquiry, which included interviews of IT personnel and examination of facilities and equipment. Commission chairman Bill Giannini said there was no indication as to when Goins when announce the results of that investigation, but Giannini said they could come as soon as the middle of next week.

Goins had responded to a call for a state investigation made last week by State Representative G.A. Hardaway of Memphis.

Finally, representatives of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, virtually unnoticed, have been conducting a systematic investigation at the Operations Center and other relevant sites, and the TBI’s report could also come relatively soon, Giannini said. The TBI had been invited in by District Attorney Bill Gibbons, who had been asked to investigate by the Election Commission.

And the chief litigants in a pending lawsuit in Chancery Court — Trustee Regina Morrison Newman and Minerva Johnican, the defeated Democratic candidate for Criminal Court Clerk — are preparing to file an amended version of the suit seeking the overturn of the election. The filing will occur on or before Tuesday, five days after certification, thereby meeting the statutory deadline for the filing of such a challenge.

Van Turner, chairman of the Shelby County Democratic Party and attorney for the litigants, said that others of the defeated candidates in the August 5th election might join the suit. “We’re waging two contests — one in the courtroom and another in the court of public opinion,” he said.

Investigators who have been looking into the circumstances of the election at the behest of the litigants will resume their activity at the Operations Center site on Monday, Turner said.

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Mark Goins could not find a fraudulent election (or his own butt) with both hands. The fact that he is a State Election Coordinator should be prima facie evidence that our elections are untrustworthy here in Tennessee. My guess is that his investigative report on the latest fraudulent Shelby County elections has already been written for him. (Working title: "Move along, nothing to see here.")

Just what are Mr. Goins' qualifications to control our elections process here in Tennessee? Mark is a graduate of televangelist Pat Robertson's Regent University Law School, a school that was so low-ranked when Goins was there that the only place its graduates could find jobs was in the Bush Justice Department (?!?). Remember Monica Goodling, the blonde bimbo in Bush's "Just-Us" Department involved in the firings of career USDOJ officials because they weren't "red" enough, the one who testified before Congress that she swore "an oath to the President" when she took office? Well, like Goins, Goodling is another proud Regent graduate, a school whose motto is (I am not kidding you) "Christian leadership to change the world". (They conveniently left off "... one unverifiable election at a time".)

Here's a well-written article about the type of "edgy-cation" Mr. Goins received before he took control of our elections:…

Mark Goins is an embarrassment to the State of Tennessee, but his ascension to control of our elections under Tre "how's the weather up there?" Hargett is emblematic of how perilously close we are to surrendering the consent of the governed to corrupt country club cowboys here in the birthplace of Andrew Jackson.

I once said of Mr. Goins that "if he weren't so full of (merde), he'd be an empty suit." For that comment, I got a surprise visit from the TBI last summer investigating my "terrorist threat" against a government official. Well, let me repeat that statement here, in part because the two TBI agents sent to investigate me (who figured out in about a minute that they had been sent on a politically motivated wild goose chase) said to me that they had not been in law enforcement for 30 years to become someone's Gestapo now that the Rethugligans were in power. I do hope that the TBI officers who are investigating the latest stolen elections in Memphis will remember that, and will realize just who they are dealing with these days.

Otherwise, we'll all be dancing the goose-step soon ... in the birthplace of the blues.

(I certainly hope not, if only for the sake of saving our democracy.)

Posted by Bernie Ellis on 08/21/2010 at 7:44 AM

Bernie, I'm so glad you've joined us on these boards. Howard Switzer and I talked about your travails a couple days ago and your personal battles with TBI make you an American Hero in my book. For those that don't know Bernie Ellis, google him.

Posted by sbanbury on 08/21/2010 at 8:17 AM

Goins is as qualified as the democratic hacks that were put in place when the dems (or should I say dims) controlled this state. And Minvera Johnican? What the hell is she qualified for? Other than a prison cell?

Posted by atlas on 08/21/2010 at 12:04 PM
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