Sheriff's Deputy Arrested for Sexual Battery

Posted by Bianca Phillips on Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 10:20 AM

James Bishof
  • James Bishof

Detective James Bishof of the Shelby County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) was taken into custody on Thursday and charged with aggravated sexual battery, sexual battery by an authority figure, and official oppression.

The charges stem from an incident on July 11th involving a 22-year-old female who showed up at the SCSO detective unit asking for help with a domestic assault case. Bishof reportedly told the victim he'd helped another female defendant in a similar situation and that he'd be able to help her as well.

Bishof then allegedly took the woman into a bathroom on the ninth floor of 201 Poplar and photographed private areas of her body. He reportedly told the woman that he had a better camera at home and he'd like to come by her house later that day to take more pictures. At the victim's home, Bishof allegedly asked her to take off her clothes, so he could photograph her private areas again. The woman claims Bishof made inappropriate sexual comments while touching her.

After he left, the woman complained to her roommate, and the roommate told her father about the situation. The father contacted the sheriff's office, and Bishof was relieved of duty on July 13th pending an internal investigation. He was taken into custody on July 28th.

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Since when did the Flyer become an unofficial police blotter? Why not leave this kind of tabloid crap to the folks who make it their stock-in-trade, local TV news and the CA?

The public loves to pile onto a corrupt cop story, and even more so when that corruption involves sexual misconduct. But please, let's not forget that this guy is still entitled to the presumption of innocence, which stories like this, that have the effect of fostering a "guilt by accusation" mentality (particularly in sexual misconduct cases), make a mockery of.

Since we know there have been many instances of false allegations of sexual misconduct (Tawana Brawley, Duke lacrosse team, Georgian Hills, etc.), and cases like this, unlike so many others, usually revolve around a "he said, she said" scenario, I suggest that the media should protect the identity of people who are alleged to have committed sexual crimes every bit as much as they protect their alleged victims, to avoid making the alleged perpetrators victims, too. There will be plenty of time to jump on this guy's grave, if and when he's convicted.

Posted by M_Awesomeberg on 07/29/2011 at 1:11 PM

Print it!
These things not made public will get swept under the rug, and some dirty cop will want to take pictures of it.

Posted by on 08/03/2011 at 5:37 PM

I think collectively that the law inforcement agencies in Shelby County are the single most corrupt group of people in the county. DUI's, drug dealers, domestic violance, you name and they are in on it. I do not trust any of them.

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Posted by Concerned citizen on 02/23/2012 at 2:22 PM
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