Overton Square Parking Garage Opens




The mass construction in Overton Square has ended with the opening of the long-awaited parking garage.

The garage, which has 451 spaces, will be free to park in during the month of October. Beginning November 1st, there will be a flat — not hourly — rate to park: $3 between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m., unless there is a special event. During the day, the garage will remain free.

“It’s our way of thanking Memphis for being patient with the garage construction over the past year," Earl Williams, COO and CFO of Loeb Properties, said. "We know that the progress created less-than-ideal circumstances for patrons, but traffic in Overton Square grew in spite of it. That kind of loyalty deserves a show of appreciation.”

The real estate company, which manages the city-owned garage, plans to have security cameras and emergency phones installed.

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