One Sentence Reviews: Nut Re-Mix & Voices of the South



So, impress me already.
  • So, impress me already.
I've been out and about seeing things this weekend and the reviews are in... they just haven't been written yet. Here's what I've got so far.

New Ballet Ensemble's Nut Re-Mix:
It's a tragedy that this show is a one-and-done event because Katie Smythe's New Ballet Ensemble has crafted dynamic techno-enhanced nutcracker that trades spectacle and narrative for sweetness, surprise.

Voices of the South's Present-Present #8: Home for the Holidays: The ending is schmaltzy y'all, but Home for the Holidays is a warm, fuzzy, funny, smart and decidedly thoughtful tour through the beating heart of Memphis-Rock-City and a fun night of theater from Sister Myotis' greeting trough a stilted self-parodying finale that finds the company quoting song lyrics as they walk about the stage coddling vinyl records like infants.

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