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Time Is Tight

Who among us hasn't occasionally wished there were more hours in the day? Last week, as if in answer to all of our prayers, State Rep./Time Lord Curry Todd waved his sonic screwdriver and created legislation that will eliminate Daylight Savings Time and/or make it permanent, miraculously giving Tennesseans an extra hour to get ready for work in the morning and an extra hour to unwind in the evening. Or something like that.

Todd's brave and ambitious proposal was met with skepticism by science wonks and global sorcery-deniers like Rep. Kent Williams, an independent from Elizabethton who asked if Todd could make Tennessee more like Alaska: "Six months of daylight and six months of darkness?" State Rep./Tribal Chieftan Ryan Haynes (R-Knoxville) asked for a year's delay so lawmakers could study the issue. The Tennessean's political reporter Chas Sisk suggested, "Perhaps by watching the skies."


Cohen, Weed, Etc.

Sometimes the mistake is better than the actual headline.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha...

Hot on the heels of his debate with Young Earth creationist Ken Ham, TV "Science Guy" Bill Nye sat down to discuss climate change with U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee). According to Blackburn, the U.S. government needs to do a "cost-benefit analysis" to determine the economic impact of avoiding unprecedented global catastrophe. This, she says, has something to do with Bill Clinton. In related news, Nye is scheduled to debate a shrub sometime in March.


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