The End Is Near

| January 18, 2007

The trailer for the feature-length documentary 2012: The Odyssey begins with white letters on a black screen: "Did you know that the Mayan Calendar comes to an end in 2012?" The trailer concludes, predictably enough, with the shot of a terrorist-piloted jet crashing into the World Trade Center, and between these two ominous points, various experts sporting a variety of facial hair weigh in on the possibility that our world will soon come crashing to an unpleasant end. Advertising that "Armageddon is not what it used to be," 2012 may sound more like a screwball comedy set at the end of time than a semi-paranoid dispatch from Mel Gibson's millennialist America. But Sharron Rose's eschatological blend of science,

Christianity, Masonry, mysticism, and the occult is custom-built to scare the bejezus into you. "While many film and video productions appear to be tailored for the lowest common denominator, we have turned this idea on its head and created productions that strive for the highest common denominator," Rose has been quoted as saying of her film, which touches on everything from ancient doomsday scenarios to the possible increase of mental telepathy in humans.

2012: The Odyssey screens at the First Unity Church (9228 Walnut Grove, Cordova, 753-1463) on Saturday, January 20th, at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday, January 21st, at 12:30 p.m. Tickets are $10.


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I have seen 2012 The Odyssey and completely disagree with the fear factor insinuation of this article. Yes it presents the issues that concern us all about the future of our planet however it is film whose message is full of hope, caring and possiblitiy for humanity. The experts interviewed by Ms. Rose are very clear about the fact that this pivotal time in history which provides us with the opportunity to completely reshape our reality into one alligned with the highest principles. If you were moved by the message of "An Inconvenient Truth", you will enjoy this film as it takes you to another level of awareness of the critical issues that face us all. It is a deeply moving, empowering and eye-opening film.

Posted by Tara Green on 01/19/2007 at 12:58 PM

By 2012 I expect that everyone will be dead from boredom or malnutrition. As for "Telepathy" I would say that it's not going too happen. There are too many counterfeit darwinist issues connected with telepathy. Like : Your fault for paying me that kind of attention. Besides I'm convinced telepathy has no connection w/ Telekenesis. Therefore has no use in human culture. Can't open a beer with it.

Posted by Al Worth on 01/19/2007 at 3:48 PM
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