The Latest Grizzlies Draft Rumors

| June 23, 2008
Brian Cardinal
Brian Cardinal's Chad Ford sent a ripple of alarm through what remains of Grizzlies Nation with his latest mock draft this morning. In the midst of suggesting the Grizzlies might pick Indiana guard Eric Gordon at #5, Ford tossed in this sugar plum:

Even stronger are rumors that the Grizzlies are talking to a number of teams, including the Knicks, Blazers and Suns, about deals that would send the No. 5 pick to whomever is willing to take Brian Cardinal's awful contract (2 years, $13 million left). The latest buzz has the Knicks talking to Memphis about a deal that would send David Lee and the expiring contract of Malik Rose to Memphis for No. 5 and Cardinal.

Read the rest of Chris Herrington's latest Grizzlies dope at Beyond the Arc, the Flyer's Grizblog.

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I am tired of hearing about Cardinals terrible contract. If we had a million dollar a win pay roll the whole team should go. At least Brian showed up and performed like many of the other players in the league in the 7M range, and a lot of them only had 1 good year also. I don't remember Bo Outlaw being all that great for his $$$ either. And what about Darko, hell Jake Tsakwhateverhisnamewas is as good as this guy. To give up the number 5 just to lose the salary would be the act of, well a loser, oh wait, stats don't lie. And for his veteran argument, who are we going to get for the number 5 pick this year? If we had 1,2 maybe, but the 5 is a crap shoot. No more journeymen for the Grizz!

Posted by Ryan on 06/24/2008 at 2:05 PM

Thinking about that 1M a win salary idea. If we paid players 55,000 a win and 12,500 a loss. Wouldn't the game be more interesting. With an 82 win season they would still fall under the salary gap. Then to make it fair the players cut would be rated by their status on the team in increments from 3% to 13%. So the minumum would be 1.3 on a 60 win team and 5.6 respectively. Nice money and still a 400% difference. Just an idea, it works for the UFC. You don't see guys phoning it in there. This why the grizzlies wouldn't have to trade off the contracts. They would be near the league min in salary just like they want to be.

Posted by Ryan on 06/24/2008 at 2:28 PM
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