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About "The Mormon Question" and religion in politics:

"Some of my best friends are Mormons, and none are as shallow and out of touch as Mittens Romney. Rumor has it that he once dated Jay Osmond. Is that true?" — phlo

About "Letters to the Editor" and the Tom Tomorrow cartoon:

"America DOES have the 'richest' poor in the world. What other country has people who don't get paid very much, but can buy motor vehicles, have cable television, and lots of jewelry, tattoos, and body piercings? In other countries, if you are poor, you are lucky to have a roof over your head, food to eat, and clothes to wear."

About "Mo's Bows" and a Memphis youngster's bow-tie business:

"You know what? I love this kid."
Ed Arnold

About "Cooper-Young Regional Beer Fest" and our city's chances of being a craft-beer capital:

"Tennessee state laws would have to be changed to allow such a breeding ground for new brewers to exist here. With an eclectic culture and great water supply (key to brewing, just ask the guys at Ghost River), Memphis has its advantages in the craft beer game. Just hoping someone steps up and starts something great here."
Emmerson Biggins

"On my patio Memphis IS a beer mecca. Hey baby, grab me another Anchor Steam while you're in the kitchen, please." — phlo

Comment of the Week:
About "Herenton Will Try, Try Again" and his plan to run a charter school here:
"In other news, that zit on my ass has returned, too."

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