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What can you buy for $20? You can slurp down four large caramel Macchiatos from Starbucks, gobble down six chicken quesadillas from Taco Bell, or buy 5 percent of a brand-new iPhone 5 from the Apple store. Or you could drop by Material on Broad this week and invest in a drawing by artist Michael Bogle.

"All I have to say is bring your 20 dollar bill, or you will wish you had," says Libby Pace Humphries, the artist, teacher, and organizer of "Flora, Fauna & Dwellings, Mountains, Rivers, & Seas: The Drawings of Michael Bogle," a one-night-only show that may feature as many as 80 of Bogle's vibrant marker-on-paper drawings.

Bogle, who was born on Christmas Day 1970, is autistic and spends much of his free time making art. Humphries, who became friends with Bogle's brother Tim 20 years ago while she was studying art at the University of Memphis, remembers being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of his output. "Back then, he was making these intricate, detailed battle scenes," she says. "I thought, even then, that people really needed to see his work. Sometimes things take awhile to happen."

The bargain-basement price was the artist's idea. "A friend has told him that drawings like his can sell for $20," Humphries explains. "That was it. He did the math, worked out how much he'd make if he sold all his drawings at that price, and that's what he wants to make. After this show, I'm going to talk to him about raising his prices."

"Flora, Fauna & Dwellings, Mountains, Rivers, & Seas: The Drawings of Michael Bogle" at Material, Friday, January 11th, 6-8 p.m.

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