Estate Sales Can Be Creepy



I go to estate sales from time to time because I like to root though the old books and clothes and papers and photographs. And also because I like to roam through the homes of other people, peeking in their closets and attics and basements. Legally, I mean.

But sometimes you just come across things that are a bit unnerving. Like THIS display in the living room of a sale last weekend. Man, that gave me the shivers. I snapped the picture and scampered out of the room in a hurry, because if that unusually lifelike doll — if it WAS a doll — moved even a fraction of inch, I knew my heart would stop, and that would be the end of "Ask Vance."

In fact, as I turned to leave, I'd swear the little creature whispered, "Mister, can you please find my Mama"? but I don't want to think about it anymore.


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