International Incident: Haddadi Shows a Mean Streak



Check this video of Grizzlies center Hamed Haddadi getting into it with a member of the Jordanian National Team. This game happened today, as part of the "Jones Cup" tournament. Apparently the ensuing near-melee lead to the Jordanian team leaving the arena, forfeiting the game to Iran.

More here. Look closely early on and you can see Hadaddi wagging his finger, Mutombo-style:

And, here, kicking the ball afterwards:

UPDATE: After watching this more, three things I find hysterical:

1. In the second video, after the great finger wave, Haddadi taking a seat with a towel over his shoulders and his teammates slapping his back. Like a boxer going to his corner.

2. There is NOBODY in the arena. Even lower attendance than the average Griz game last season.

3. The TV announcer sounds A LOT like Chris Wallace.


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