Five Haiku for Media Day


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Ladies and gentlemen, its time to basketball.

Well, we made it, folks: today marks Grizzlies Media Day and the official start of the preseason. It's been a long, weird summer, with short bursts of activity separated by entire months of nothing to talk about, but it's ending today, and in its place the new season is almost here. What better way to commemorate the occasion than with some poetry?


Jason Levien:
Will anyone speak his name
to Robert Pera?


O Jarnell! O Zach!
O Jonny Basketball! Lo:
B-Easy's a 4?


A lonely echo,
A rememb'rance of things past,
Tayshaun contract year.


Spain was defeated
And yet, if Marc's in good shape,
We are all winners.


Who's the starting guard?
Why pick one, when the Grizzlies
contain multitudes?

I'll be at Media Day today and I'll have a full writeup tomorrow, and then it's into "Season Preview" mode. Basketball is this close to being upon us.


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