Bianca Knows Best ... And Helps With a Skeezy Situation



Dear Bianca,

About a month ago, I met an attractive woman at a bar. She went home with me, and well, you can guess what happened. Since then, we’ve been seeing each other pretty regularly. Nothing is official, but I’d think it’s safe to say we’re dating.

At least, I thought we were. Two days ago, I received a phone call from one of the woman’s friends. I’m not sure how she got my number. Maybe she found it in her friend’s phone. But she called to confess that her pal, who I thought was my girlfriend, is married. Yep, married.

She wasn’t wearing a ring when I met her. Trust me, I looked. And she never so much as hinted at having a husband. Obviously, I have to break things off with her. But I feel like telling her husband everything. Then again, he may kill me. What should I do?

— The Other Man

Dear Other Man,

What a skeezy lady! This situation totally sucks, especially considering that you were beginning to fall for her. However, the husband ordeal is her problem, not yours.

First things first: Break things off immediately. And be sure to let her know exactly why you’re cutting her off. She needs to know that her secret is out. Not only was she cheating on her husband, but she’s been totally playing you. Erase her number from your phone and have nothing more to do with the woman.

As for her husband, it’s unfortunate that he’s in the dark about her cheating ways, but it’s not your place to get involved. Like you said, he may kill you. Or at least break your face.

If she continues to cheat, her husband will probably find out. But if you really feel so guilty, have a chat with the friend who called you. Maybe she should take the information to the husband, but if she decides to do so, ask her to promise to leave your name out.

In the future, keep it in your pants until you’ve at least visited your girl's house. If you see his and hers toothbrushes in the bathroom or man-sized clothes in the closet, stay away.

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