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New Orleans native and Gold-selling artist Fiend has been making his presence known on the rap scene since the early '90s. But national acclaim came with him joining the once-dominant label, No Limit Records, dropping verses on hits such as “Make ‘Em Say Uhh,” and playing roles in films like I Got the Hook Up.

Now a member of Curren$y’s Jet Life Recordings, International Jones still seems as hungry as he was when he sported a diamond-encrusted tank and camouflage threads. However, he's diversified his style a bit throughout the years. Not simply sticking to the raw, street-oriented style that brought him success in the '90s on into the new millennium, nowadays it's not a shocker to hear Fiend spit a lot smoother and refined on tracks. Nevertheless, he still manages to create music that can be enjoyed by both those hustling on the street corners and those hustling inside of corporate offices.

Fiend recently dropped his latest project, Keep Ya Cool. A follow-up to his spring mixtape, Lil Ghetto Boy, Keep Ya Cool displays Fiend embracing the same formula that he utilized on projects like Tennis Shoes & Tuxedos, Cool Is In Session, and Life Behind Limo Glass. But he doesn't take on too much of a laid-back persona that he forgets to shed light on those suffering in impoverished communities, controversial occurrences like the Trayvon Martin verdict, and repercussions of the street life.

Fiend took time out to talk about Keep Ya Cool, his love for live instrumentation, his upcoming album, how he wants to be remembered, and his Sleepy Bear Tees clothing line.

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