Iron Mic Coalition Teach People About "Memphop"




The Iron Mic Coalition is to Memphis what Goodie Mob is to Atlanta or Wu-Tang Clan is to New York. The collective, comprised of nearly 10 members, has been doing their thing within the city's underground hip-hop circuit for more than a decade.

Often referred to as IMC, they're known for popularizing the term "Memphop," which is a local version of the beloved genre. But for those who need a more in-depth description of what it embodies, IMC group members The Mighty Quinn, Milk, and Duke provide a lyrical lesson on the track "Memphop."

The song, which is produced by MaxPtah, comes from IMC's long-awaited album, The 2nd Edition: Memp-Hop.

Check out the visual to "Memphop" below.

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