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Chris Travis embraces a new wave of production, incorporates auto-tune, and harmonizes on his latest mixtape, Gotham City. But he still embodies the same style and delivery that puts you in the mind of underground Memphis rap artists from the early '90s with an up-to-date, eccentric twist.

The mixtape's title is influenced by the home of fictional superhero Batman, a gloomy area plagued with crime, corruption, dilapidation, and a deep sense of hopelessness. Chris Travis uses the imaginary location as a metaphor for his native city.

"I ain't really do it on no Batman, shit. I mean, I love Batman, but it's really about Memphis," the Water Boyz Entertainment representative said. "Gotham City was a depressant city. I feel like Memphis is a depressant city. It's just about where I came up at."

Chris Travis has the gift to select solid production for his projects and this doesn't change on Gotham City. For the most part, the project boasts somber sounds filled with lots of bass, slowed-tempos, and eerie chords. And Chris Travis utilizes the same smooth, candid style as on his previous efforts.

This is the third project from Chris Travis since December, but he has more in-store.

"[Gotham City] is the jump off tape for the spring," he said. "I'm going to release some more hard shit before the summer comes up."

Stream and download Gotham City below. And peep an in-depth interview/visual I did with Chris Travis here.

Some of the mixtape's standout tracks are "Night Ryder," "Pure Life," "Let Me In Your World," and "Hotel Room Service."

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