Throwback Thursday: Lil Daniel and Dr. Rico vs. G-Nerd and Lil Black




Since its emergence in the late '80s, Gangsta Walking has been a positive way for inner-city youth to express themselves. Now known as Jookin’, the style of dance typically involves a person sliding, chopping, rippling their arms, stomping, tiptoeing, and twisting their body to a rap song.

Over recent years, the dance subgenre has received attention globally. Videos of Jookin’ battles have collectively garnered millions of views on Youtube.

Lil Buck, one of Memphis' most popular Jookers, catapulted the dance style to new heights after touring with Madonna as a back-up dancer, appearing on shows like Ellen DeGeneres and So You Think You Can Dance, and collaborating with acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

In addition to Buck, there are numerous Jookers in Memphis that are highly respected. And Lil Daniel, Dr. Rico, G-Nerd, and Lil Black are amid that bunch.

In 2010, Daniel and Rico banded together to battle G-Nerd and Black during a Jookin' competition. Peep both parts of the battle below.

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