Throwback Thursday: Yo Gotti's Life Mini-Documentary



Fans who bought Yo Gotti’s 2003 effort, Life, not only got an earful of raw, street-oriented music delivered from the perspective of a hustler-turned-rapper. They also received a tour through Gotti’s old stomping grounds in North Memphis. 

Life came packaged with a bonus mini-documentary that showcased Gotti taking a trip to areas he hustled in, mingling with comrades, and reflecting on his rough upbringing.

Gotti strolled through North Memphis' Garland Street, a block he distributed narcotics on as a youngster and witnessed many friends fall victim to. He also visited Ridgecrest Apartments in Frayser, a complex he’s rhymed passionately about throughout his career.

During the visual, Gotti also freestyled, touched on the downsides to the music industry, and provided tips to aspiring artists.

Check out all three parts of the mini-documentary below.

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