The Real Memphis Grizzlies


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They ran, wrestled, fished and played in the water. The real Memphis Grizzlies, the newest attraction at the Memphis Zoo's Teton Trek, made their public debut Thursday night.

Shortly before sunset, the three bears — stop if you've heard this one — came out of their lair and into what must be bear heaven. They figured that out soon enough and spent an hour or two amusing the guests of Fred and Diane Smith, benefactors of the zoo's newest exhibit.

It includes a replica of the lodge at Yellowstone National Park, a pack of wolves, and sound tracks of wolf calls in the restrooms. But the bears seem destined to be the main event. A circular walkway gives visitors a good look at them, and they were on good behavior Thursday night. Which means they put on a more energetic show than a certain celebrated pair of pandas prone to eating bamboo and not much else.

The exhibit opens to zoo members Friday and the general public on Saturday.


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