Council Will Look at Herenton's Vacation Pay


When it meets Tuesday, The Memphis City Council will discuss vacation pay and policy with regard to former mayor Willie Herenton and former chief administrative officer Keith McGee.

The discussion item, a certain hot button topic, was added to the Personnel Committee agenda Monday. This will be the last scheduled council meeting with Myron Lowery as interim mayor. Lowery is a city charter expert and is running in the special mayoral election this month.


Chief Administrative officer Jack Sammons said the amount at issue with Herenton is at least $73,000 that was paid to the former mayor in 2003 and subsequent years. The administration became aware of the information this week, he said.

In Lowery's view, the city charter intends that the job of mayor is a salaried executive position and the mayor and CAO are not eligible for extra pay for vacation days.

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