Bike Striping of North Parkway Is Underway



Paint crews were putting in white stripes and markers for a bike lane on North Parkway Tuesday.

They were working on the eastbound lanes between Manassas (a block east of Danny Thomas) and the overpass at Watkins. The finished product will include bike lanes on both sides from Danny Thomas to Rhodes College east of McLean.

In a couple of other bike notes, I like the idea of closing Riverside Drive now and then for bike events like the charity ride for St. Jude last weekend. The hills and scenery are great this time of year. A couple of Sunday "Riverside Drive Rides" each month might generate more interest in biking in general and the Harahan Project in particular.

This Saturday there will be a 100-mile Blues City Blues ride to Tipton County starting at the Pyramid for the benefit of the Greenline.

Finally, I was really impressed by all the bikes in Missoula, Montana when I visited there last week. The campus bike racks were jammed, as were the racks and lightposts and just about anything else to lock on to downtown. Great network of paths to near and far, campus and town, factory and farms. I don't know how cities reach critical mass but I suspect it starts with students. I'm always surprised by how few bikes I see at Rhodes or U. of Memphis.

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