Paterno Statue Removed, Looks Like a Hanging



The statue of Joe Paterno outside the football stadium at Penn State has been removed.

Workmen did the deed early this morning.

The Centre Daily Times reports that 30 police officers and construction workers arrived just before dawn to begin removing the statue.

By 7:45 a.m., the Centre Daily Times, said the statue, covered with a blue tarp, was tied to a forklift as a small crowd of people gathered to watch. The paper’s Web site offered a live video.

The two-hour video looks like a hanging. A fence in front of the statue is draped in a plastic. A blue blanket is placed over the Paterno statue like a hood. Then a yellow strap is connected to a forklift, which is raised several feet and tightened while workmen with jackhammers loosen the statue from its base. The money shot comes at around the one hour and 45 minute mark when the statue is tipped over.

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