Council Members Clash over Fullilove's Claim of Norris Meeting



At a Budget Committee meeting Tuesday morning, Council member Janis Fullilove criticized her colleagues for "allegedly" meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris to sic the state comptroller's office on Memphis.

Fullilove did not name the colleagues at the meeting where Mayor A C Wharton and some of his directors briefed council members on the budget. When I ran into her in the City Hall parking garage 30 minutes later, she identified them as Shea Flinn, Jim Strickland, and Bill Morrison.

All three of them denied meeting with Norris.

"Bless her heart. That's 100 percent untrue," said Strickland.

"I have not met with him at all," said Morrison.

"I have not met with Norris since 2007 when I was in the Senate," said Flinn. "It shows how pathetically unprepared she is."

The full council meets Tuesday afternoon to see if members can agree on a budget for the next fiscal year. Fullilove's comment referred to a letter from State Comptroller Justin Wilson to Wharton threatening to take drastic action if the council does not act on a balanced budget.

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