Heat, Reheat, Repeat


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The uninspiring dog days of summer are the unlikely muse of Maggie Exner's latest exhibition, Heat Wave, appearing this Friday from 8 to 10 p.m. at the P & H Cafe. I say "appearing" because the bulk of the show is live representation, and after Friday night only a few installation pieces will be on display.


"It's not about painting. It's more about mixing different elements," explains Exner. "Mainly I do drawings with strange environments and characters I create, and this is supposed to be that come to life."

To that end, Exner will turn the stage area at the P & H into a live representation of a heat wave with collage, installation, and live characters.

"It's just kind of the way I've been feeling this summer," says Exner. "Obviously it's about the heat, but a lot about the repetition of things and moving in circles."

For more on Maggie and her work, visit her website .

P & H Cafe, 1532 Madison Avenue, 726-0906


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