All of the Lights




The giant Sears Crosstown building at 495 N. Watkins will be set aglow tonight with the first active art project undertaken in the 85-year-old sprawling site that was once a bustling center of commerce for Memphis. The winning project of Crosstown Arts' April event, MemFEAST, Robin Salant proposed to draw attention to the building by lighting it up in two phases - first the lower body and then the tower - using low-wattage LED lighting equipment powered by a rooftop solar array.

As a temporary public art installation, Apollo Design Technology, Inc. donated theatrical gels to Salant, who will use them to illuminate the main body of the Crosstown building to be seen as far away as Union Avenue in broad daylight. The Tailgate Reception will run from 8-10 p.m. in the parking lot south of the building, and of course, is free and open to the public. Phase two of Salant's project, tackling the soaring tower, is set to be completed in conjunction with Memphis Heritage's Architectural Auction on October 22nd.


The lighting went off without a hitch! Plenty of folks came out despite a fine mist of rain to tailgate and enjoy the show. Apollo Design Technology, sponsor of the exciting initial Crosstown activities, took donations for the ongoing project, providing kegs from Ghost River Brewery while Ms. Salant flipped the switch. The promising site will surely be once again abuzz with anticipation come late October.

But for now, enjoy these photos of the finished product!




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