Trolley Night: Leadership Memphis Art Gallery



A solo exhibition of art by Alexander Paulus will open tomorrow during the S. Main Art District's monthly Trolley Night from 6-9 p.m. at the Leadership Memphis Art Gallery on 363 S. Main. The show will be on display through the month of June. Michel Allen of Leadership Memphis approached Paulus to display his work in the new space beside the organization's offices.


"I'm going to have a wide range of things. They will all be minimal in imagery and color, but conceptually heavy," says Paulus.

Paulus put together an incredible show earlier this year for the Broad Avenue Spring Art Walk in April titled “Sorry,” featuring his own work along with art by Adam Farmer, Leanna Hicks, Johnathan Robert Payne, Joseph Kendrick, St. Francis Elevator Ride, and the collaboration of Hamlett Dobbins and Tad Wright. The successful one-night exhibition began with the loose idea to create pieces that dealt with space, open to interpretation by each individual artist.

“My past work was all about gods, religion, and science. From there I started thinking about outer space, and how older civilizations believed their gods came from the heavens and stars. I'm really interested in creation and evolution and the intertwining of the two in the formation of myth and religion. I also like sci-fi stuff too, so robots and laser guns made their way into the work as well,” says Paulus.

"Most of the pieces for tomorrow night's show still address the concept of "space" but some are just weird things that happen to pop up in my brain."



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