Clover Archer Lyle's "how far back do you want me to go?"



On Friday, August 17th, at the Medicine Factory, there's an opening reception for "how far back do you want me to go?," an installation/drawing by Virginia artist Clover Archer Lyle.


Lyle spent a week at the Medicine Factory in July creating a tracing the art space's walls. (Climbing the walls literally?)

The artist's statement below ...


“This site-specific drawing installation evolves out of my interest in the relationship between artwork and the environment in which it is made and presented. These circumstances are often unregarded or meant to be invisible; the background conditions of the objects to which we give our attention, though the act of creating and exhibiting art inevitably mark the walls that the works inhabit. The holes, scuffs, stains and scars that are the residue of this activity reflect the history of the creative practice, a ghost of the process of artmaking. For this installation, I traced all of the marks, holes, imperfections, scrapes, scuffs, scars and scratches on the walls of my Virginia art studio. I then repeated the process with the walls in the exhibition space at the Medicine Factory. Finally, I transposed the marks from my studio walls on to the walls of the Medicine Factory. By turning the spectral aspects of art-making into the art object itself, by making the invisible visible, I hope to provoke the viewer to be more attuned to peripheral details that haunt every aspect of our experience.”

"how far back do you want me to go?" on view through September 10th.

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