Music Video Monday: Stephen Chopek World Premiere


Music Video Monday favorite Stephen Chopek returns with the first song from his new album. 


This spooky clip for "Nothing Happens" was inspired by Chinese philosophy. "The video is a play on wei wu wei, a Chinese term meaning 'action without action' or 'effortless doing'," Chopek says. "The footage was shot in the lobby of a hotel in Spain at 4:00am. There was no plan to capture anything specific, other than what happened spontaneously. The "non-action" took place without any sort of control or force. The use of slow motion emphasizes a natural, unaffected way of behaving."

"Nothing Happens" is the first single from Stephen Chopek's upcoming album Things Moving On Their Own Together which will be released on September 29. The record release party will be this Friday, September 25, at FOUND, 2491 Broad Ave.

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