Music Video Monday: Brennan Villines


Music Video Monday is heading off the rails!

Singer/songwriter Brennan Villines says he got the idea for the year's most unlikely cover on the spur of the moment. “I was playing one of my regular gigs one night and about to wrap up when my friend Billy came in and I asked him what he wanted to hear.Jokingly, he says ‘You got any Ozzy?’ So I tried ‘Crazy Train,’ and as I finished the song I looked up and Billy just has this astonished look on his face. He told me, ‘You have to record that.’”

Record it he did, transforming the metal anthem into a ballad for a world gone mad. "I decided to go with my gut and really focus my artistry with this piece on influencing a positive message and bringing out those lyrics ‘learn how to love and forget how to hate,’”

The music video, directed by Andrew Trent Fleming, brings home the message by transposing images of Villines and dancers with scenes of protest and hope. If you're feeling shocked and dislocated today, this song is for you.

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