Music Video Monday: The Give-Outs


Today's Music Video Monday is not feeling respected.
Jay Hines says the Give-Outs are what happens when "two bass players walk into a bar." Hines has played bass for Memphis rock bands, most notably The Subteens, since the 1990s. Richard Branyan is also a bassist who started out with the revered Memphis power poppers and proto-punkers The Scruffs. The pair enlisted River City Tanlines drummer John Bonds and flipped a coin to decide who had to play guitar. Their self-titled record, which was done at Memphis' Five and Dime Recording, is ready for your earholes.

Hines cut together a little bit of classic can can to create the music video for "Butthurt Blues", a song about getting your feelings hurt on the internet. We've all been there, but it isn't usually this fun. Take a look:

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