Why Not Celebrate National Guy On A Buffalo Day?



It's time for concerned citizens to stand up for four day weekends and invent some new national holidays to follow any currently existing national holidays that fall on Thursday. As we round out the 237th year of these United States, I feel that everyone needs an extra shot of AMERICA. It's July 5th folks! The US is 237 years and 1 day old! What better way to celebrate than watching a guy riding on a flippin' buffalo accompanied by an American band singing along to a guy riding on a BUFFALO!!!

The Possum Posse, a band from Texas (American), took the movie Buffalo Rider (American as all hell) and chopped it all up. Once recombined The Possum Posse wrote a song to what they had. The four part saga is as American as you can get without a slice of Shepard's Pie and a Knackwurst in front of you!

So, if your boss expects you in bright and early Friday, after all that freedom beer and Lee Greenwood karaoke, maybe you should say, "No can do bossman, I've got to go out to Shelby Farms and adopt a buffalo. That's right, an American buffalo. And then I'm going to watch a guy ride a buffalo on my Internet device. For America."

Then, every year when July 5th falls on Friday, you can celebrate this special weirdness all over again.

Happy Fourth (and Fifth) of July from Fly on the Wall!

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