Elvis Impersonator Impersonator Contest Tonight!



Pete Big Elvis Vallee impersonator Reggie Sugarbaker
  • Pete "Big Elvis" Vallee impersonator Reggie Sugarbaker

International fans of Elvis impersonators gather tonight for "Tribute! A Tribute to Tributes!", a program of performers impersonating Elvis impersonators.

Thirty nine contestants are set to compete in the contest aimed at determining who does the best job of impersonating top Elvis impersonators.

"[Elvis impersonator] Pete Vallee is a god among men," said impersonator impersonator Dale Glade, a carpet installer from Yorkshire, England who won Belgium's Impersonator Impersonator contest in 2012. "I hope my performance captures a small piece of the work he does capturing a piece of Elvis."

"The real trick is to find a a song and sing it in Pete's voice," Glade added. "A lot of these impersonator impersonators try to impersonate Elvis. That's the easiest way to lose these things, isn't it? Sing in Pete's voice singing in Elvis' voice, but never, ever sing in Elvis' voice. It's easy, really."

Betty Wont, a mortgage banker from Toledo, Ohio, came in second place last year, but hopes to do better tonight. "The trick is finding a costume that Shawn [Klush] would wear. Authenticity is so important when pretending to be someone pretending to be someone," Wont said.

The contest begins tonight at 8 at an undisclosed Applebee's. Tickets can be purchased in advance, but, really, what's the point?

The REAL Shawn Klush. Not an impersonator.

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