Sticky Situations: Dating Don'ts, Memphis-style


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Do you know that feeling when someone drops you a link to a hilarious story that's making rounds on the Internet about some anonymous somebody making a complete ass of him/herself, and you read it and cringe, and think to yourself, "Jesus, I'm probably friends with this person on Facebook"?

Yeah, me too.

Clicking the above links you to an epic post from I Showered for Nothing, a blog dedicated to stories about bad dates of all kinds. It tells the sad, sad story of a boy, a girl, a Memphis moviegoing experience we can all relate to, some boob squeezing, and a strategically placed bag of Skittles.

Taste the rainbow:

We made small talk during the previews. You know, just the usual questions a guy asks a girl. He wanted to hear all about the size of my ex boyfriend’s penis and if I knew what “the shocker” was. He pulled out a bag of Skittles from some mysterious place and offered me some, but I declined so he placed the bag on his lap and leered, “If you want any, you can get them yourself.” I didn’t dare grab any though because he was sweeping my off my feet so fucking hard already that I just knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from grabbing his dick.

Now that's a sticky situation.


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