Gorilla Snot Spotted on Cleveland




Longtime readers are probably aware that your Pesky Fly is a big fan of Viet Hoa, an international market on Cleveland specializing in Asian and Mexican goods. You know like Moco de Gorila shampoo and hair gel.

That means Gorilla Snot for the English- only crowd. Just the stuff for slicking back an unruly mop.


I was so intrigued by Gorilla Snot that I did a little snooping. And by snooping I mean I Googled it and discovered that the Mexico-based company ran afoul of California clean air regulations because Gorilla Snot contains smog-producing ingredients.

According to reports the makers of Gorilla Snot have been cooperative in resolving the matter.

Anyway, if your sculptured hairstyle requires smog-inducing ape snot to stay put... There it is.

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