"Walking in Memphis" Songwriter Didn't Actually See Ghost of Elvis, Newspaper Reports



Its all a lie!
  • It's all a lie!

Yeah, I know, I know. This headline sounds like it came from The Onion. But it's actually inspired by a piece at The Onion’s informative music and entertainment website, the A.V. Club.

An A.V. Club writer has fact checked singer/songwriter Marc Cohn, most famous for the song “Walking in Memphis.” Here's what we learn:

"[Cohn] made the trek [to Memphis] in 1986 and did, in fact, go to Graceland, heard Al Green preach the gospel, and saw W.C. Handy’s statue. He even watched a little old lady named Muriel Wilkins play the piano, and then had a long chat with her after about life, love, and religion.

What he didn’t do, though, was see Elvis Presley’s ghost.”

Well, that settles that.

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