Happy Belated Sex Pistols in Memphis Day



It sneaks up on me every year. On July 6th, 1978 the Sex Pistols played the Taliesyn Ballroom on Union Avenue, now the site of Memphis' most punk rock Taco Bell.

To celebrate— if somewhat belatedly— here's a recording of the concert.

UPDATE: Oops. Your Pesky Fly makes fun of everybody else in town when they do something especially dumb in print. What comes around goes around. After being away from my laptop over the weekend the first thing I noticed was a calendar alert notifying me that I'd missed the anniversary of the Sex Pistols Memphis concert, which had been June 6, 1978. So, I promptly created a post at FOTW.

Only the actual show was Jan 6, 1978. Not July 6.

So instead of it being a belated celebration, it was an early one.

It is the half-year anniversary. Still, I regret the error. But I never regret posting the video.

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