News from Memphis: This "Motherf$*@ing Flood" Video Goes Viral




The thing about live TV... it's live. It's a lesson one WMC news reporter learned today as she attempted to report on what one area resident described as "Motherfucking flooding."

Apparently it has "motherfucking flooded" in said resident's neighborhood four times. Or maybe 5 times. It's kind of hard to motherfucking tell really. Anyway, Gawker got ahold of the video and it was off to the races.

The Gawker video seems to only play intermittently, probably due to traffic. So here's an alternative link. Enjoy.

Best part for me? The wild whoop from the newsroom. But I have to be honest. For all of the realness in this Memphis clip, it just can't compare to the more subtle, but every bit as awesome footage from KSTP-TV in Minneapolis.

UPDATE: You know, this slice of vintage Memphis has absolutely nothing to do with the above. But somehow, it just belongs here.

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