His & Hers: Aaron James & Nancy Apple turn cultural flotsam into art



Some couples really complement one another. Take, for instance, Cadillac Cowgirl Nancy Apple,  a well-known Memphis songwriter and guitar picker, and her beau, Aaron James, who's a writer and an altogether different kind of  picker, with a keen eye for oddity and architectural treasure. Both Apple and James are avid thrift shoppers and experienced dumpster divers, with a taste for American kitsch, and an outsider artist's drive to transform lost objects into decorative and thought provoking constructions. The creative couple will show their work Thursday, Dec. 4th at Crosstown Arts in a one night only show appropriately titled His & Hers.

Unsurprisingly, Apple's cut-and-paste shrines are built around gutted guitars, fading fiddles, and other stringed instruments that have seen better days. I especially like this piece featuring decoupaged images of Johnny and June Carter Cash.  

Gentlest Heart by Nancy Apple
  • Gentlest Heart by Nancy Apple

James' assemblages are more confrontational,  commenting on consumerism, religion, and war. This one pretty much speaks for itself. 

  • Aaron James

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