A Business Model With Legs... and Thighs... and Wings.


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At this past week's Board of Adjustment meeting, board members reviewed a request from what appears to be payday loan establishment that offers a little something extra.

And by "a little something extra" I mean chicken. 

14. DOCKET: B.O.A. 14-72 (City)
LOCATION: 5411 Elvis Presley Blvd.
APPLICANT: Chicken and Checks, LLC
USE DISTRICT: Commercial Mixed Use-3 (CMU-3) District
REQUEST: Variance to allow a payday loan establishment within 1,320-feet of a residential district and within 1,000 feet of an existing payday loan establishment (UDC Subsection 2.6.3M(1&2). 

That's right folks. Chicken.  And checks. Where you can cash your payday loan check and, presumably, get some chicken. 

May God and Jack Pirtle have mercy on our souls. 


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