The Money Shot: A Plug for Sheila Butt


As loyal readers know, your Pesky Fly sees penises and penis-related imagery everywhere. It's a gift, really. This week I'd like to draw your attention to the campaign logo of District 64 Rep. Sheila Butt. And yes, I know, that is supposed to be a silhouette of the Maury County courthouse. It also looks a little (okay, a LOT) like the climactic scene in a porn film. 


Butt is a Tennessee conservative who sees marriage equality as an affront to religious freedom. She's also a pro-life politician opposed to shortening abortion waiting periods even if the survivor has been a victim of incest or rape. According to Butt, rape and incest are "not verifiable."

UPDATE: The copy has been changed to reflect the fact that the silhouette is the Maury Co. Courthouse, and not a horrible rendering of the Tennessee Capital.)

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