No Child Transplant Patients Were Harmed as a Result of Memphis' #BLM Protest


Memphis 7-10-16 - CHRIS DAVIS
  • Chris Davis
  • Memphis 7-10-16
There's a sad story making the rounds on Social Media, built to function as a counter-narrative to more positive depictions of Sunday's peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration. The short take: It's total B.S. But there's a longer take too, and here it is.

Via Snopes:
 "The story of the Black Lives Matter protest in Memphis and the child transplant patient bore many red flags of a parable and not a true story: the child in question was never identified by name, and the circumstances of his or her death (the gender varied) were unreported by the media despite being highly newsworthy. The only detail included the post, one announcing that the supposedly dead child was black, was tacked on as an afterthought — an ironic point intended to drive home a moral one."

You can read the whole thing here.


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