Tumblin' TumbleWeaves: Back by Popular Demand!


People ask me all the time, "Do you still post pictures of street weaves?" The answer?

— It's complicated.

The urban fascination with road braids, runaway head-hamsters and snatched wigs blossomed overnight. And, because my click-age journalism instincts are poor, the bigger TumbleWeaves got, the faster I lost interest in a probably classist niche Fly on the Wall certainly helped create.

Time passed— people kept sending photos. More time passed — More photos reminding me how much damn hair is woven and wadded into the daily tapestry. Like this dangling braid set caught up in the vines and saplings in Flyer-alley back behind our office building. 

I've held onto this haunting, nearly-Nouveau beauty for a couple of weeks and might not have posted it if one of my kids hadn't seen it and helpfully explained, "That's a 'natural weave."

Me: Aren't you a little short for #DadJokes?


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