Iverson's Hamstring



Professional athletes are not like you and me, except in this respect: As they get older they get more injury prone.

I hope I'm wrong, but Allen Iverson's torn hamstring, especially if it is black and purple as he says it is, could keep him down for quite a while.

Every weekend warrior, runner, and hacker knows that pulled muscles and torn muscles are inevitable. A pull means a couple of days off if you're lucky and it doesn't come back the first time you resume your sport. A tear in a big muscle like the hamstring, indicated by bruising, is usually much more than that. A doctor I used to play squash with quit rather than risk it because he feared a six-month recovery.

As Iverson told The Commercial Appeal, he can walk normally but he can't explode. Exactly. And if you can't explode, and you lose a step, you can't play in the NBA.

Iverson is 34 years old. Last year he had back trouble. Now a torn hamstring. Welcome to our world. The best trainers, therapists, diets, and rehab equipment in the world cannot save you from the ravages of age.

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