Best Low-Calorie Beer: None of 'Em



All the burping and beer breath, none of the taste. So much for the new super-low-calorie beers.

The best beers for athletes, according to an unscientific survey of athletes I know, are these:

Select 55 from Anheuser Busch (55 calories) and MGD 64 from Miller (64 calories). Why bother? So carbonated and tasteless you want to pour them out after drinking half of it and go to water.

Amstel Light (95), the high end of low-calorie beers, indistinguishable from Bud Light (95), Miller Lite (110), Coors Light (102), or the best of the lot, Natural Light (95), which is drinkable and cheap. Have two of them for about half the calories of a Blue Moon (171) which will keep you awake all night.

Budweiser (143); For years we drank it when nobody was counting calories.

Sierra Nevada Stout (225); More calories than a 12-ounce Coke (155), glass of wine (80), or 16-ounce Gatorade (100) but less than a Snickers (271).

Boddingtons Pub Ale. You don't want to know but better than a meal.

Best of Show: Growler of Scottish Ale from Bosco's in a 64-ounce brown returnable bottle for $10.

"It all comes out of the same horse." Monteagle, Tennessee moonshiner Hamper McBee on beer.

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