Falafel at Casa Grill




I'm having a Mac attack, but I'm not headed to McDonald's. The folks at Casa Grill call their falafel sandwich the "Big Mac of the Middle East."

I've sampled my fair share of falafel. Casa's version of this Middle Eastern staple is the best so far: a few hearty, fried chickpea patties meet lettuce and tomato on a soft pita.

And like the Big Mac, the secret's in the sauce. Many restaurants slap on plain tahini (sesame seed paste), but at Casa Grill, the tahini is delicately seasoned with a slightly tangy result.

The falafel sandwich is served with a yummy and nutritious side of tabouli, a salad made with bulgar wheat, tomato, fresh parsley, and lemon.

The Flyer is currently archiving its Recommended Dishes. This "RD" originally ran in 2006.

(Image: Justin Fox Burks)

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